Texting encouragements found to help smokers

An international study has found that text messaging advice and encouragement to smokers can help them quit the habit, Reuters reports; might schools use these findings to develop programs that encourage students to study harder by texting them reminders? A review of four trials conducted in New Zealand, Britain, and Norway found that programs to help people stop smoking that included text-messaged advice doubled the chances that smokers would be able to kick the habit for up to a year. The trials, involving 2,600 smokers, used text messages as a way to give smokers daily advice and encouragement and also offered support when quitters needed it the most. If they found themselves craving nicotine, for example, they could text "crave" to the program and get immediate advice on what to do. "We know that stopping smoking can be really difficult and most people take several attempts to quit successfully," researcher Robyn Whittaker from the University of Auckland in New Zealand told Reuters Health. "It is important to be able to offer lots of different options for extra support."

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