A Tufts University study shows American universities have an ally in their efforts to educate more students in science, technology, and engineering and keep the nation competitive in the global economy, reports the Associated Press: Children involved in 4-H perform better in those subjects and are more likely to pursue science careers, according to the study. "When parents ask, ‘What can I do to get my kid a leg up?,’ getting them involved in 4-H turns out to be a very effective strategy," said Richard Lerner, director of the Institute for Applied Research in Youth Development at Tufts and lead researcher for the multiyear study. Released Oct. 7 in conjunction with 4-H National Youth Science Day, the study looked at more than 1,300 tenth-graders who participated in 4-H programs and nearly 800 who didn’t. The research was commissioned by the National 4-H Council and funded by corporations that sponsor the organization, though 4-H said an advisory board helps ensure the study is conducted independently. The 4-H focus on science and technology lines up with the century-old organization’s original mission of bringing scientific developments in farming to rural areas, said Don Floyd, national 4-H president…

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