Inc. is cutting the price of its Kindle eBook reader yet again and is launching an international version, in hopes of spurring more sales and keeping it ahead of a growing field of competitors, reports the Associated Press. With a new $40 reduction on the price of the Kindle, the device now costs $259. It debuted in 2007 at $399 and started this year at $359, before another price cut in July. Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos said the company can afford to reduce the price because of the increased number of Kindles the company is making–and selling. The price reduction also shows Amazon is trying to maintain a lead in the nascent eBook reader market as the field gets more crowded. Sony, for instance, offers a $199 "Pocket Edition" eReader and a larger $299 touch-screen model, and in December it will offer a $399 model that can wirelessly download books rather than needing a connection to a computer. Amazon also said it will start selling a $279 version of the Kindle that will work in 100 countries and be sold to readers outside the U.S. beginning Oct. 12. Amazon sells a larger version of the Kindle, the DX, which was released this past spring and is geared toward textbook and periodical reading. This version still costs $489…

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