In a program that could serve as a model for schools and colleges to consider, San Francisco is encouraging its citizens to create software tools that use city data for the public good, AFP reports. Apple has its App Store for mini-applications tailored for iPhones and iPod Touch devices. Now, San Francisco has an App Showcase for programs that make use of government information available online at "We were not sure what people would create with the data, but we knew that many of our talented developers wanted to help improve San Francisco," Mayor Gavin Newsom said in a release. The App Showcase includes a Mom Maps application that lets people use iPhones to find child-friendly spots in San Francisco, an EcoFinder program that lets people use the Apple smart phones for recycling guidance in their neighborhoods, a Routesy application that provides real-time information about getting around on public transit, and a Crimespotting program that turns police activity information into an online, interactive map of crime in the city. "This is just the beginning," Newsom said when the site launched last week…

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