Google on Oct. 1 rolled out additional refinements to its search engine, which come as Microsoft strives to lure people to its own search engine, dubbed Bing, AFP reports. Google’s modifications include tools that let people limit online searches to only serve up results from the past hour, or by specific date ranges. "This can be particularly helpful when you’re looking for the freshest information," Google engineer Patrick Riley and product manager Nundu Janakiram said in a blog post. "Or, if you have some idea of when the information you’re looking for may have been published to the web." Google users also can choose to be shown search results only from blogs, news, or web pages that they have visited or those they haven’t visited. "This can be particularly helpful when you’re researching something you’ve already explored and you want to return right where you left off," Riley and Janakiram said. A new tool also modifies searches to include more or fewer shopping web sites, depending on how interested people are in commercial pitches online. The changes come as Microsoft’s Bing posted a slight increase in its share of the U.S. search market in August, the third month in a row of modest gains, according to online tracking firm comScore. Microsoft is integrating messages from prominent users of the popular micro-blogging service Twitter into results generated by Bing. Twitter is seen by some technology analysts as the next frontier in the field of web search, but Twitter’s real-time stream of messages is not currently searchable on Google…

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