Facebook is offering its unique translation tool, which taps into the idea of "crowdsourcing" in using human translators, for use with other web sites, reports the New York Times. Back in January 2008, Facebook was available only in English. That’s when the company introduced a new translation tool that allowed its members to do the hard work of translating the site into their native languages. As a result, Facebook is now available in 65 languages, and a majority of its users are overseas. On Oct. 1, Facebook will make that translation tool available to other sites. The new program is called Translations for Facebook Connect, and it is being offered to the 15,000 sites and applications that use the Connect service, which allows visitors to log in using their Facebook ID and password and broadcast some information back to their friends on the social network. The translation tool works by asking users to submit possible translations of phrases, and then soliciting their votes on which is the most accurate. The service is free for developers, but Facebook hopes it will increase the use of its Connect Service. Facebook’s human-powered approach juxtaposes quite sharply with Google’s service, which uses technology to automatically translate web sites and text–with occasional unintentionally comical results…

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