Decades of Life magazine have been scanned and posted online, giving the public the first comprehensive electronic access to the iconic publication’s archives, reports the Associated Press. Life already has made images available through the web site and a partnership with Google Inc. The latest effort, also with Google, makes stories available as well, all searchable and viewable for free in their original magazine layout. The online archives are part of Google’s ambitious book-scanning project, which has prompted a copyright-infringement lawsuit by publishers and authors. The parties have settled, though they are renegotiating details after the U.S. Justice Department concluded that the original deal probably violates antitrust law. The Life archives are not dependent on that settlement because the Time Warner Inc. magazine is agreeing to make its works available through Google. The archives cover the magazine’s main run as a weekly, from 1936 to 1972–more than 1,860 issues in all…

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