Fiddling with your cell phone behind the wheel can get you fined across much of the nation — yet many states are more than happy to tweet you with up-to-the-minute directions on how to steer clear of a traffic jam. And that sends a mixed signal that some say could be dangerous, reports the Associated Press. At least 22 states that ban texting while driving offer some type of service that allows motorists to get information about traffic tie-ups, road conditions, or emergencies via Twitter. Nineteen states and the District of Columbia have banned all texting while driving, and eight others prohibit texting by younger drivers only, according to the Governors Highway Safety Association. State transportation officials say they are not encouraging people to get online behind the wheel, and drivers should read their tweets before hitting the road. But some supporters of text-messaging bans say that states that provide traffic information via Twitter are undermining these laws. "I would guess that the states wouldn’t intend to be sending a mixed message, but it sounds like it could be a mixed message," said Judie Stone, president of the Washington-based Advocates for Highway and Auto Safety…

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