According to the Council for Advancement and Support of Education’s 2009 survey of online fund raising, colleges and universities continue to see increases in the money they raise via the internet, but online fund raising is still a modest part of their revenue, reports the Chronicle of Philanthropy. More than 560 educational institutions responded to the survey, which was conducted in March and April. The 184 colleges and universities that provided financial information about online giving raised a total of $155.3 million in the past year; the median amount raised was $61,113. Of the 429 institutions that reported the year they started raising money online, 178 schools–more than 40 percent–only began soliciting internet donations in the last four years. The study found that colleges and universities are beginning to experiment with social media, but as a way to connect with alumni and potential donors, rather than to raise money. For example, of the 470 institutions that answered questions about their use of social media, 383 schools said they use Facebook to connect with supporters, while only 58 said they use it in their fund raising…

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