When it comes to using technology to foster education, the prevailing wisdom has been that more is better. But one college dean has found success in using technology outside of the classroom, while taking a low-tech approach during class, Newsweek reports. José Bowen, dean of the Meadows School of the Arts at Southern Methodist University in Texas, wants his faculty to "teach naked," meaning without the aid of any machines. "Just because you have a PowerPoint presentation doesn’t mean you have a good lecture," he argues. Classroom time should be reserved for discussions with the professor, aimed at teaching students to think critically, argue, and raise new questions. Bowen, who teaches music, delivers content via podcasts, which students must listen to on their own time. He then quizzes them on the material before every class to make sure they’ve done the work, and uses class time for discussions and research pegged to the recorded lessons. He’s been teaching the same material for 25 years, but since he implemented the new regimen, he says, his students have been more engaged and scored better on exams…

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