Teenager Jordan Robinson has faced excruciating pain since a backyard prank went wrong, but treatment with virtual reality has given him some relief, Reuters reports. Robinson, 18, and his friends thought it would be fun to shoot flaming arrows at bags full of gasoline in his backyard, landing him in hospital with severe burns on both of his legs. He’s taking morphine for the pain, but he also has access to a tool not commonly used in most hospitals — virtual reality pain reduction. While nurses manipulate his scarred and tender body through physical therapy, his mind is far away, immersed in a computer-generated world of snow and ice using virtual reality. Normally he’d be in great pain as his burned legs are made to bend and straighten during therapy, but in his virtual world, Robinson is too busy throwing snowballs at penguins and snowmen to notice much pain. Robinson has Hunter Hoffman, the director of the Virtual Reality Research Center at the University of Washington, to thank for the extra pain relief. "What virtual reality does is give [patients] a place to escape … the pain," said Hoffman, who is continually working to refine his techniques…

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