Across Michigan, colleges and universities are investing millions of dollars to connect with a tech-savvy student body, reports the Detroit Free Press. eMail-ready whiteboards in the front of a classroom capture a professor’s notes, sending them instantly in an eMail message to student laptops. Overhead cameras zoom in on a cadaver or a rock on a lab table, shooting minute detail to an overhead screen for all to study. And professors need never turn their back on a class toward a blackboard, as document cameras stream their notes from a wired podium onto an overhead screen. Such modern equipment can better connect faculty to students in a round-the-clock, wired world in which many of those students have grown up. "A lot of this is us catching up with the students and what they’re bringing to us," said Michael Reuter, the 42-year-old director of technology operations at Central Michigan University. And faculty — most of them — see technology as a way to better connect to students in their interactive, multitasking, apps-ready world. "Some are … not going to change without kicking and screaming. But for the most part, even our older faculty are embracing it," said George Preisinger, Oakland University’s assistant vice president for classroom support and instructional technical services…

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