Microsoft Corp. is testing a way to display some search results as visual galleries of moveable images instead of text links, part of its ongoing attempt to differentiate its Bing search engine from Google, reports the Associated Press. Bing’s new visual search page ( lets people flip through pictures to track down where and when a movie is playing, read up on world leaders and U.S. politicians, or shop for items such as digital cameras, among other activities. Microsoft used Silverlight, its technology for making sophisticated web sites with lots of content and moving parts, to build the visual search program. But in its current form, it’s something of a throwback to the days when organizing the web was done by humans, not powerful computer algorithms. For Bing’s new feature, Microsoft hand-picked about 50 categories and worked with outside companies, including shopping sites, to pull in the necessary pictures and descriptions. Stefan Weitz, a director in the Bing group, said he hoped the feature would be based more on search algorithms in the future, but for the test-run "beta" launch it was more important to present a polished, if limited, experience…

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