So long CPU wars. It was fun

The Great Chip Wars, as we’ve come to know them, ended this week — courtesy of a new marketing campaign from Advanced Micro Devices, according to a New York Times report. AMD has decided to sell its products under the Vision banner, a slogan that emphasizes the strengths of its graphics chip instead of promoting the abilities of its CPUs, or traditional workhorse chips. PC makers and retailers will promote three flavors of AMD-based computers, called See, Share and Create models. The See computers are your basic PCs that can handle everyday tasks. The Share computers add features like high-definition video playback and the ability to work with large media files. The Create computers cater to folks who actually want to make movies or edit photos on a large scale. In the good-old days, AMD, like Intel, talked more about the raw horsepower of its mainstream chips. Famously, the companies would one-up each other from month to month by raising the speeds of their processors. AMD has more or less thrown in the towel on slugging it out with Intel on the mainstream chips, at least when it comes to talking directly with consumers. Now, the company is all about hawking the graphics chips it acquired when AMD bought ATI.

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