Motorola has introduced a new smart phone, called the Cliq, that is meant for young people obsessed with social networks, reports the New York Times. Instead of the traditional menu of features, the Cliq’s home screen is an ever-changing mosaic of eMail, Twitter tweets, and status updates, superimposed over photos of the people sending those messages. "It’s alive," said Sanjay Jha, the co-chief executive of Motorola, who was hired a year ago from Qualcomm to revive its cell-phone business. "Think of it like the text bubbles in cartoons, with new information pushed to you all the time." The Cliq will be available through T-Mobile in the United States in the fall. The price has not been announced, but analysts expect a $100 price tag. The phone has a 3.1-inch touch screen and a slide-out keyboard. Motorola is expected to introduce a second, more expensive smart phone in a few weeks that will work on the Verizon network. Both phones are based on Google’s Android operating system…

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