Facing competition from iPhones and other devices that have caught on with students, Texas Instruments Inc. is trying to inject some new life into its popular line of graphing calculators, reports the Wall Street Journal. But its latest entry, the $135 TI-Nspire, has gotten off to a slow start since hitting stores last year. One of the company’s biggest challenges is convincing users the revamped model is better than existing ones, which generally cost about $100. Some math teachers say the Nspire, which has more computer-like features, is unnecessarily complex. And calculator enthusiasts complain the new model limits what kind of tinkering they can do. Traditional graphing calculators, which are required for certain math classes and are used for college entrance exams, plot algebra and trigonometry on small screens and do a bit of programming. The Nspire has an operating system that makes the device run more like a PC, allowing students and teachers to run spreadsheets and take notes. But the Nspire also has its fans. Andrew Munsell, 15, owns both a TI-84 and an Nspire, and likes the Nspire in part because of the added complexity. "The TI-Nspire that I have is not just a calculator any more–it is a handheld computer," he said…

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