Asus, which shook up the laptop market in 2007 with the introduction of the first inexpensive netbook, is planning to launch an electronic-book reader this year that would challenge the most popular eReaders on price, InformationWeek reports. Without offering much in the way of details, Asus President Jerry Shen told the Times of London that the company is planning to offer a budget and a premium version. Prices could start as low as $165, and the device is expected to include a wireless connection and dual screens separated by a hinged spine, so the eReader could open up like a book. Asus also might include a web browser, webcam, microphone, and other PC-like features, and the device’s screens would support color, unlike the black-and-white displays used on eReaders today. If the Asus device offers color, then it won’t use the same high-definition technology from eInk that makes it possible to read on the Sony and Amazon devices even in sunlight, because eInk does not make color displays. Still, the high price of today’s eReaders is a problem–and Asus’ device would be less than the $200 and $299 starting prices of Sony’s and Amazon’s eReaders, respectively…

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