Back-to-school advice for safe social networking

Back-to-school time is an excellent time for kids, parents, and teachers to think and talk about the safe and appropriate use of the internet and social-networking tools, writes CNET blogger Larry Magid. "My message to parents and teachers is simple: embrace the technology that kids use, recognize that whatever you may lack in technology knowledge you make up in wisdom, and remember that you, too, were once a kid," Magid writes. "Your first reaction to kid activity that may be a bit disturbing shouldn’t be to freak out and shut down access but to take a deep breath, talk with (and listen to) the kids, and do everything you can to encourage dialog. And try to become familiar with the technology your kids use. That doesn’t mean you necessarily have to be their friend on Facebook or MySpace, but before you start trying to control how they use social-networking technology, make sure you understand it…"

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