A web site launched Sept. 2 will post a short story every weekday to any web-enabled cell phone free of charge in what some see as an underground challenge to dominant digital reading devices such as Amazon’s Kindle, Reuters reports. Created by Dan Sinker, who teaches journalism at Columbia College Chicago, CellStories.net is not limited to any particular gadget and is designed to be as simple as possible to work on any handheld mobile device with web access. "Anyone that thinks something like the Sony Reader or the Kindle is a device that’s going to be around in even three years is delusional," Sinker told Reuters. "We’re past the point where people say, ‘I want one device to do one thing.’" The content will include short stories, personal essays, narrative journalism, and creative nonfiction, with most pieces around 1,500 to 2,000 words, or a 10- to 15-minute read. Among the authors who have pledged to contribute to what promises to be an outlet for literary writing is 2008 Story Prize finalist Joe Meno. Authors will not be paid, as the site is not yet designed to make money. Instead, the attraction for writers is that the site introduces their work to new readers, who might then seek out and buy their published work…

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