Atlanta-based HotHead Technologies Inc. has spent the last three years perfecting a dime-sized sensor that can be placed inside a football helmet to detect an extreme rise in body temperature, reports the Denver Post — and the company has partnered with Shutt Sports, one of the nation’s leading producers of football helmets, to test the product at high schools and colleges this fall. According to the National Center for Catastrophic Sport Injury Research at the University of North Carolina, about four high school football players die each year from heat-related illnesses. HotHead founder Jay Buckalew hopes his invention provides a solution. The system, called Heat Observation Technology (HOT), is based on a small electric thermometer called a thermistor. It’s a spoon-size device made of various metals whose electrical resistance varies with temperature shifts. The thermistor is inserted under the forehead pad of a standard helmet. The device measures the temperature of a player’s temporal artery, then uses a built-in radio to transmit temperatures between 99.9 and 110 every 10 seconds to a PDA monitored by a coach or trainer. If a player’s temperature rises above normal, an audible warning alert goes off…

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