Teachers guide the students and monitor their progress, ultimately helping the kids better communicate with their families. While the primary goal of Project Blue Skies is to help people with autism develop stronger social skills, McAlindon is working with project partners to start integrating standard coursework into the program as well.

“My husband and I believe the OrbiTouch holds great promise as a means of communication for certain children on the autism spectrum,” said Karen Howington, mother of a 12-year-old autistic son, Andrew. “Because each of these children learns so very differently and there is no set therapy guideline, we as parents are always looking to try anything that might be exactly what our child needs in order to communicate.”

Allie Spangler, mother of a nine-year-old autistic son, Devin, added: “Blue Skies is giving children on the autism spectrum the ability to shine by allowing them to use innovative technology to communicate with others.”


Project Blue Skies

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