A Connecticut school administrator who police say tried to taint the reputation of a colleague by sending inflammatory eMail messages in his name faces criminal charges, reports the Hartford Courant. Roslyn Sternberg, director of management information services for the New Britain schools, was arrested Aug. 5 on a warrant charging her with two counts of criminal impersonation. She was released on a promise to appear at Superior Court on Sept. 29. According to the warrant, Sternberg opened a Google eMail account in the name of Thomas Menditto, New Britain’s coordinator of science, technology, and applied education, on June 9. Posing as Menditto, the warrant says, she complained to two board of education members that another administrator’s department was getting a disproportionate amount of overtime. The message also claimed that the supervisor did not treat teachers fairly. In a second fake eMail message sent the next day to Superintendent Doris J. Kurtz, Sternberg allegedly suggested that the same administrator was having sex with the school system’s benefits clerk and questioned the clerk’s salary. The eMails apparently "intended to harm the reputations and status of at least two school district administrative staff members," Lt. James P. Wardwell wrote in the warrant…

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