Full Tilt Poker Biggest Bonus Ever Promo

Although many people still visit casinos to play poker, the hottest trend in poker today is online poker. Millions of people around the world turn to the web to enjoy a hand or two of poker, and one of the largest sites providing poker players with the excitement of online poker is Full Tilt Poker. While these poker websites offer bonuses on a regular basis, Full Tilt Poker is now offering their biggest bonus ever in a special promotion.

For players that earn what are known as "Full Tilt Points" before a certain date, a special $100 promo is offered to them. There is no deposit necessary, but players will have to try out the new software that the site is offering.

Accepting this bonus promo is fairly easy for players. All they have to do is log in before the end of the day on August 16th and accept the bonus, and then they are given 30 days to go on to earn the bonus. In order to activate the bonus, players only need to go log into the software for Full Tilt Poker, go to the Cashier button, check out the box that says My Promotions, then click the one that says "Biggest Bonus Ever." This will take players to a page where they are able to accept the excellent bonus offer.

This type of bonus is unprecedented at Full Tilt Poker. Simply playing on the new software offered by the site gets players $100, so it’s an easy way to build up some more money to use playing poker online.

To learn more about this bonus, and more about all that Full Tilt Poker has to offer online poker players, visit http://www.ruffpoker.com/full-tilt-poker for more helpful information.


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