Despite their reputation as early adopters, young people are not flocking to Twitter, reports the New York Times — but their parents are. Just 11 percent of Twitter’s users are ages 12 to 17, according to comScore. Twitter’s unparalleled explosion in popularity instead has been driven by a decidedly older group. That success has shattered a widely held belief that young people lead the way to popularizing innovations. "The traditional early-adopter model would say that teenagers or college students are really important to adoption," said Andrew Lipsman, director of industry analysis at comScore. Teenagers, after all, drove the early growth of the social networks Facebook, MySpace, and Friendster. Twitter, however, has proved that "a site can take off in a different demographic than you expect and become very popular," he said. "Twitter is defying the traditional model." In fact, though teenagers fueled the early growth of social networks, today they account for 14 percent of MySpace’s users and only 9 percent of Facebook’s. As the web grows up, so do its users, and for many analysts, Twitter’s success represents a new model for internet success. The notion that children are essential to a new technology’s success has proved to be largely a myth…

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