Repeat offenders who persist in illegally downloading music from file-sharing sites such as Limewire could be blocked from accessing the web under British government proposals issued Aug. 25, Reuters reports. The U.K. government said it was publishing new ideas to speed up the process of tackling unlawful peer-to-peer file sharing to prevent damage to the content industries. Proposals include requiring internet service providers to take action against individual repeat infringers, such as blocking access to download sites, reducing broadband speeds, or temporarily suspending an individual’s internet account. Under the new proposals, the British Secretary of State would direct media regulator Ofcom to introduce technical measures to clamp down on piracy if necessary. Governments around the world have been trying to find a solution to the problem of internet piracy, with varying levels of success. A law backed by French President Nicolas Sarkozy to cut internet access to those found guilty of downloading music illegally has already been watered down by France’s top constitutional court, and a vote has been delayed until September…

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