The Encyclopedia of Life, an online project launched in 2007 with the aim of creating a web page on every known animal and plant species, has reached 150,000 entries in its second year, AFP reports. In a statement marking the anniversary, the collaborative project said close to two million people from more than 200 countries had contributed to the website ( Users can create a page that describes a plant or animal with text, images, or both. The information is then submitted to experts, verified, and made available for free. The project’s creators hope to accumulate a page for every 1.8 million animal and plant species known to scientists over 10 years. That goal "will provide a powerful tool to assist researchers and policy makers in better understanding biodiversity and discerning patterns of plant and animal behavior," said Arthur Sussman, vice president of the John and Catherine MacArthur Foundation. The foundation, one of the project’s co-sponsors, donated $10 million in 2007 to help launch the undertaking…

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