Plastic Jungle, an online marketplace for unused gift cards, now allows people to donate the full value of unwanted cards to classroom projects through, reports the New York Times. On average, each household in the United States has around $400 worth of gift cards lying around, according to Plastic Jungle, a start-up that sells, purchases, and exchanges unused gift cards. Owners of idle gift cards typically use Plastic Jungle to exchange cards for cash or a credit with, though they lose some of the face value in the transaction. But the Mountain View, Calif., company recently added the option of donating the full face value of the cards to needy schools through Plastic Jungle is hoping the initiative will strike a chord with strapped consumers who still want to donate to charitable causes, said Kristin Cunningham, director of marketing and business development for the company. "This is a new way to fund a charity, which is particularly relevant during a time when it might be hard for some people to make the same-sized gifts as usual, although they still want to donate," Cunningham said…

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