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Provides Secure Access to Schools for Sharing Educational Videos, Photos & Documents
Saves Money, Completely Safe & Encrypted
August 24, 2009, Suresnes, France – GigaTribe, the free community file sharing software, announced today its new “Back to School” features. In schools, videos are created in the classroom to train new teachers how to teach, behave, explain, etc., in real-life situations, with real children. This material is very private, as school children would have to have their faces completely blacked out if the videos were on a public network, costing schools a lot of time and money.  Completely safe and encrypted,’s peer-to-peer private online network solves this problem by letting schools share classroom videos privately online with teachers.  


Another “Back to School” feature is the ability to share class documents ? a great way to improve student interaction outside the classroom ? as well as share course materials among teachers.  Also, students use to remotely access their computers while on campus, at the library, Starbucks, or other WiFi locations; to view and share study materials, videos, and photos with other students and friends online with GigaTribe’s secure remote Internet access.
In addition, GigaTribe recently announced its new DivX video streaming feature, which students can use to instantly stream DivX videos online. With the new DivX video feature, there’s no waiting, so users can view videos while they are still being transferred, even if they are not completely downloaded yet. Entire personal video libraries can be remotely accessed through the GigaTribe secure “Private Area” without delay and watched when traveling or away from their home, dorm, or school, with only the need of a web browser. 
GigaTribe New “Back to School” Features:
  • Training Videos:  Schools can post private teacher training videos with real children included, without having to spend the time and money to cover up faces, as needed with other un-secure networks.
  • Teachers Share Materials:  Teachers can sharecourses materials with other teachers.
  • Remote Access: Students can remotely access their computers while on campus, at the library, café, or other location with WiFi.
  • Students Share Materials:  Students can share study materials, videos, and photos with classmates online.
  • DivX video:  Video can be streamed for instant viewing.
“GigaTribe is clearly the best solution to share private files safely. It helps schools save precious time and money,” said Alexis Leseigneur, Gigatribe CTO and co-founder. “GigaTribe is already a must-have software for teachers and students alike, especially during the ‘Back to School’ period.”
GigaTribe “Ultimate” is priced at only $4.99/month or $29.95 a year, GigaTribe Basic is available for free. See for more information.
About GigaTribe
GigaTribe is community software used by more than 1 million people to share files privately over the Internet.  GigaTribe’s unique solution lets you share files directly from your hard drive, without having to copy your files on someone else’s server. This way sharing files remains private, secure and without a limit to the number or size of the files that you share.