Students have been howling that school eMail accounts are too small to handle their daily deluge of mail and attachments, and to address that problem, a growing number of colleges and universities are outsourcing their eMail systems, Time reports. The companies swooping in to manage student accounts for free? Google and Microsoft. As with search, software, and operating systems, campuses are a burgeoning battleground for the two tech titans. Google now manages eMail for more than 2,000 colleges and universities, enabling students to transform accounts capped at 100MB into Google-managed inboxes that allow for 70 times as much mail. Microsoft also provides free web-based mail for thousands of schools, including colleges in 86 countries. When Notre Dame hired out its eMail to Google last year, the school saved $1.5 million in storage and other tech costs, says Katie Rose, Notre Dame’s program manager for enterprise initiatives. Student eMail satisfaction ratings, meanwhile, rose 36 percent after the switch. What’s in it for Google and Microsoft? Not revenue. Neither company charges for outsourced eMail to schools. Instead, they hope the practice will help broaden acceptance for their other web-based software services…

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