WireHead Security Launches Information Security and Consulting Services for SMBs

RALEIGH, NC – August 17, 2009 Start-up professional services firm WireHead SecurityTM (www.wireheadsecurity.com) today introduced its suite of information security and consulting services aimed at helping the SMB, education and government organizations to address the growing problems of online theft, cyber fraud and the steady stream of new security vulnerabilities.  From vulnerability assessments, penetration testing and training to effective remediation, WireHead Security delivers high-quality information security and consulting services that help small- to medium-sized organizations combat threats and institute policies and procedures to safeguard their security. WireHead focuses on several industries, including higher education, K-12, government, banking and insurance, healthcare, manufacturing, scientific research and other SMB enterprises.

WireHead Security’s customers receive the benefits of an external team of expert security consultants who add value by bringing their knowledge and experience to clients’ security challenges. WireHead Security consultants are product- and vendor-neutral experts with up-to-the-minute knowledge of security issues, and who are active speakers and participants in standards groups such as OWASP, (the Open Web Application Security Project) and WASC (The Web Application Security Consortium). The firm’s proven methodology enables it to deliver the informed, independent assessment and remediation of vulnerabilities that are required for effective threat prevention.
Hackers, fraudsters and cyber thieves are growing increasingly relentless, and simply being a smaller organization that’s not in the Fortune 500 offers no immunity to threats. According to a recent study by CompTIA (www.comptia.org), while the number of attacks in 2008 did not grow substantially, the severity of attacks has steadily risen since 2006.  The average cost of attacks suffered by those organizations surveyed was between $5,000 and $10,000, while the mean cost was more than $85,000.
Small to medium-sized organizations face special challenges in addressing the growing host of potential security problems. Among those problems are new threats such as Web applications, social engineering, and misuse of publicly available data as well as increased use of social networking and mobile computing services. Most IT and network managers operate with limited staff and rely on an external consulting firm to ensure they’re following up-to-date best practices. In addition, regulatory compliance requires robust security testing and analysis. SMBs need to document the steps they’ve taken by turning report data into actionable intelligence that helps them more effectively secure their networks.
“Mike Menefee and his team handled the full scope of security testing for us, from vulnerability assessment and penetration testing, to examination of our web applications and wireless infrastructure,” said Jeff Howlett, CIO of Meredith College (www.meredith.edu) in Raleigh, NC. “They delivered a report providing concrete, actionable information, written in language easily understood by senior management. It enabled our Technology Services group to get the necessary budget to upgrade our network equipment, software applications and tools, and move the College to a new level of security preparedness. WireHead Security is the most professional consulting firm I have worked with in 15 years in this business.”