Meanwhile, high school students in Cheryl Teaters’ biology classroom at Gateway High School in Monroeville, Pa., used Inspiration, the essential tool to visualize, think, organize and learn, to grasp difficult concepts, such as the functions of the organelles that make up a cell, by creating “cell analogy projects,” comparing the parts of a cell to another structure, such as a school, an automobile or a city. Teaters’ students constructed Inspiration “webs” – or visual maps – of a cell and the structure to which they compared it. For each organelle, students found a corresponding function in their analogous structure and created a visual representation of the connection. With Inspiration’s vast library of symbols, graphics and photos, as well as images they imported, students were able to depict virtually anything they could visualize.

Young researchers at Cathedral School in Raleigh, N.C., also used Inspiration to explore their school’s history, creating “webs” – or visual maps – to research, organize and evaluate significant events that occurred over the last 100 years. Students scoured online resources for events they found noteworthy. Using Inspiration as a brainstorming tool, the students were able to narrow down the list to the most relevant facts.

“They loved searching for facts, and it was interesting to see which events caught their attention,” said Kim Seder, the school’s director of information and educational technology. “This project gave students an overview of history in an easy way, and Inspiration was the perfect tool.”

Schools and districts, ranging in size and grade levels just like Cathedral School, John Tyler Elementary and Gateway High School, can now make the most of their budgets by choosing from Inspiration Software’s purchasing options to ensure that their students and teachers have access to the company’s visual learning tools.

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