Inspiration Software Launches New Site License Program to Stretch School Budgets, Ensure Access to Visual Learning Software for All Students and Teachers

PORTLAND, Ore. – Aug. 17, 2009 – To ensure that all schools can offer their students and teachers access to its award-winning visual thinking and learning software, Inspiration Software®, Inc., today announced the launch of a new Site License Program. With the addition of this new purchasing option, designed to help schools and districts stretch their software budgets, even more students will return to classrooms this fall where the power of visual learning will help them build thinking skills and learn new and difficult concepts.

Inspiration Software’s Site License Program for Inspiration® and Kidspiration® was designed for schools and districts that want to provide visual thinking and learning support in every classroom. A convenient, low-cost, single, perpetual license purchase covers all student, teacher and administrator use at a school. Pricing is based on school enrollment at the time of purchase, eliminating the expense and hassle of ordering more licenses when more computers are purchased. In addition, this cost-effective site license includes Teacher Take Home privileges, so they can use the visual learning software at home for lesson planning, grading and training, as well as free online professional development materials.

Every day in classrooms around the country, students use Inspiration and Kidspiration to learn in new ways and achieve at higher levels. At a Pennsylvania high school, students are quickly learning complex concepts in science. Math scores on state benchmark tests for fourth-graders at a Virginia elementary school have doubled. And middle school students at a private school in North Carolina have discovered how history shaped their state, their country and the world.

“The three schools described above and their visual learning success stories are unique, but their teachers share a clear understanding of the power of visual learning. Their students are building strong thinking skills, quickly grasping new and complex concepts, and achieving at higher levels when visual learning supports instruction,” said Mona Westhaver, president, Inspiration Software. “We developed our new Site License Program so that schools like these and hundreds of others around the country can make the most of their investments in Inspiration and Kidspiration with a program that suits their individual needs.”

At John Tyler Elementary, part of Portsmouth Public Schools near Norfolk, Va., the fourth-grade students who reached brand-new heights in math were learning with the award-winning Kidspiration 3. Created for K-5 learners, Kidspiration develops thinking, literacy and numeracy skills using proven visual learning principles. With the new visual math tools in Kidspiration 3, students build a strong mathematical foundation for reasoning and problem-solving by using visual representations to understand math concepts.

When the John Tyler students started the last school year with an average score of just 43 percent on state math benchmark tests, their teacher Jennifer Patgorski was determined to find a way to engage them in learning so they could achieve at the levels she knew were possible. Now with math test scores in the 80s, her students are realizing the greatest level of improvement in their school.

Patgorski finds Kidspiration reaches students of every learning ability – from special education to advanced students. Even students with the most severe disabilities – those who require help from paraprofessionals to navigate the school day – are able to use Kidspiration, she said. “I put them on Kidspiration and they are able to fully participate, 100 percent, doing the exact same thing as everyone else. You can imagine how that makes them feel.”