FREE $25 Summer Titan Poker Bonus Released

A new bonus code surfaces by Titan Poker Bonus Code and proves to be the largest of all bonus codes

LAS VEGAS, NV August 1, 2009 To help boost the success of famous poker site – Titan Poker and give players the chance to get into the game without out the need of depositing a very high amount, Titan Poker Bonus code has put together a new bonus code that promises a $25 instant free initial deposit and 150% up to $600 bonus. This new bonus code has been unveiled in preparation of recently announced $50,000 Summer Jackpot Race that is currently in effect this whole month of August alongside two other jackpot promotions.

Michael Monroe, who is the author of the Titan Poker Bonus Code website and individual behind the bonus code explains, “My goal is to provide the best Titan Poker info online. If I am not Playing poker online I am writing about Promotions to sign up bonuses, and reviews of existing and new features.”

The Titan Poker Bonus Code website which is where the bonus code can be found is closely linked to the main Titan Poker site located at where people can download a special Titan Poker application to play the different variations of poker. The way the bonus works is that people need to head to the Titan Poker Bonus Code site at to see the bonus code and take advantage of the instant $25 granted after the signup as well as getting the Maximum Deposit bonus exclusively offered by Titan Poker which is 150% up to the $600 bonus. A link can be found leading the exact details highlighting two different ways to be assured this bonus. One is by using the Titan Poker Bonus Code:TP600

The easiest way to get the bonus involves a download link that visits will click which is a special setup application of the Titan Poker with the bonus code embedded so those that install the download will instantly get credited after a real amount is deposited. Another way to get this bonus is to take note of the bonus code listed at the Titan Poker Bonus Code site and download the latest version of the Titan Poker software at the homepage and manually enter the bonus code there along with all the other personal information.

As long as the player is not playing from the United States, Turkey, or Belarus, a free $25 bonus is guaranteed to be credited within a 72 hour period after the minimum deposit requirement of $25 is made. Should players accumulate 600 points, an additional $5 as credited and can keep crediting as additional points are made all the way up to $600 providing that it is earned in the 90-day limit period.

Players that decide to sign up to get the free $25 Summer Titan Bonus can still be eligible to win the other reload bonuses if they are available. Customer service is available for people that wish to know more information about these extra bonuses.

Signup bonuses can be achieved faster if more Titan Poker Points are earned which can only be gained by participating in poker tournaments or playing ring games. These bonuses will be issued automatically to allow players to concentrate on their games while their earnings stack up. With this new bonus code in effect, other promotions like the $50,000 Summer Jackpot Race will flourish and more people will have a shot at winning the other promotions offered this summer.

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