The Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) Launches e-Transcript Initiative with Docufide

The Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) has selected Docufide, Inc. to deliver an electronic transcript exchange system to school districts, colleges and universities throughout the state. The electronic transfer service, provided by Docufide, Inc., allows students to send transcripts and other supporting admission documents from their high schools or colleges to over 4,000 other colleges and universities nationwide, as well as to 3rd party destinations, electronically or on security paper mailed by Docufide. The system will also create a transcript repository across all participating grades, allowing for student performance analysis statewide.
Docufide’s e-Transcript system will provide students and parents with a secure online interface for requesting all of their admissions, scholarship, NCAA, or other (employment) official transcripts with school administrator review and approval interfaces ensuring FERPA compliant administration of all requests. Docufide has been successfully processing transcripts electronically for high schools across 38 states for the past six years.
Troy Tissue, Associate Director of Admissions at Ferris State University states “The initiative is a great way to advance the goals of Michigan. It provides the necessary infrastructure to help Michigan meet the educational objective of doubling the number of its college graduates by making higher education more accessible and affordable. Docufide provides a trusted service to secondary and post secondary schools and their students. This is a great opportunity for all of the State’s educational institutions to be a good steward of public money and to provide students with an easy-to-use process which encourages an efficient matriculation experience”.
Any college or university can register with Docufide to receive transcripts in the format they desire for free. Receiving institutions setup their format and delivery method preference through Docufide’s web interface and, along with requestors and sending school administrators, can view comprehensive delivery status reports online. Requesting students receive delivery confirmation email notices throughout the process, removing the “did it get there yet” anxiety so common during the application season.
The exchange of transcripts electronically marks a major first step in enabling other services that can be of great value to schools and students. John Reese, Docufide’s CEO said, “We are excited to work with Michigan on this initiative. It eliminates time consuming and costly clerical tasks, provides the convenience that today’s students expect, and also provides the infrastructure needed for future applications that can help students assess their readiness for college or eligibility for scholarship programs.”
The Michigan state participation agreement follows the award of the Midwestern Higher Education Compact (MHEC) Electronic Transcript Initiative (ETI).  Twelve states make up the MHEC region and include: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Kansas, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Nebraska, North Dakota, Ohio, South Dakota and Wisconsin. Seven of these states have already selected Docufide, five are under contract, and several others currently considering joining the initiative. 
About CEPI
The Center for Educational Performance and Information (CEPI) collects and reports data about the performance of Michigan’s K-12 public schools and students. Their initiatives in data collection and reporting facilitate school districts’ compliance with the federal No Child Left Behind Act of 2001 and the Michigan Department of Education’s accreditation plan, Education YES! They also provide unprecedented access to information about Michigan’s schools for parents, educators, and policymakers via the CEPI website at
About Docufide, Inc.
Docufide is the leading provider of Educational Records Management services. Its flagship service, Secure Transcript, manages the ordering, processing, and secure delivery of student records for K-12 and postsecondary institutions nationwide. Secure Transcript saves schools money, frees up staff time, and improves student satisfaction. Docufide, Inc. is headquartered in Los Angeles, California, with representatives throughout the United States. For more information please visit or call 310.309.3722.
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