OnBase remains a technology priority for higher education

CLEVELAND – Aug. 11, 2009 – Higher education institutions across the country are feeling the economy, and in different ways. Universities are being hit with dried up donor gifts. State and community colleges are affected by lowered government funding. And most are dealing with an overwhelming amount of admissions and financial aid applications. But regardless of the specific problem, the bottom line is the same: institutions need to do more – whether it’s in admissions, financial aid, the bursar’s office or elsewhere – with less. Using technology to better manage documents and processes – ultimately cutting out time-consuming, manual tasks – is certainly one way of helping staff focus on what really matters. But for a technology to be purchased today, it must be time-tested and offer a track record of delivering proven results. Because it meets these criteria and already benefits more than 150 institutions in the U.S. and Canada, the OnBase software suite continues to be the ECM system of choice in higher education.


“With decreased funding and increased admissions and financial aid applications, institutions today are definitely treading through unchartered territory,” said Ian Levine, director of higher education solutions for Hyland Software. “Now more than ever, it’s critical that they have a technology on their side to help them operate more efficiently. This means reviewing and making decisions on admissions applications faster, processing mounting financial aid requests without adding staff and automatically tracking and managing student bills and accounts. And these benefits are transferred to the students, too, through faster decisions on applications and better overall service. OnBase is an appealing choice, not only because it can do all of these things, but because it’s proven to do them successfully.”


Profiled below are a few of the latest OnBase higher education customers:


University of Notre Dame – South Bend, Indiana – http://nd.edu

Founded in 1842, the University of Notre Dame provides a distinctive voice in higher education that is at once rigorously intellectual, unapologetically moral in orientation, and firmly embracing of a service ethos. It is the nation’s preeminent Catholic university and rated among the top 25 of all U.S. institutions of higher learning.


Central New Mexico Community College – Albuquerque, New Mexico – http://www.cnm.edu

The community college for metropolitan Albuquerque, New Mexico, Central New Mexico (CNM) offers an accredited two-year postsecondary education across its four campuses and distance learning program. Recently, it became the highest enrolled postsecondary institution in the state.


To learn more about Hyland’s higher education solutions, visit www.OnBase.com/HigherEducation.


About the Hyland Software solution, OnBase

One of the largest independent software vendors in the world of enterprise content management (ECM), Hyland Software is the developer of OnBase. An award-winning suite of document management and content management solutions, OnBase has a proven record of solving problems resulting from time consuming, costly and error plagued manual tasks. Today, people at more than 8,200 organizations both large and small in 47 countries have the time to do the things that really add value thanks to OnBase. Available on-premises or as software as a service (SaaS), OnBase installs quickly, cost effectively and is designed to grow with organizations.

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