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Ryan Breen, CEO, Ventma.com, said, "All the social networking sites today are for finding and making friends. But let’s be real, not everything in life is hunky dory. The economy, the weather, greed, deception are all too real in today’s world. Because of these things, people act out in many ways. Some violent by action, some verbal and some self inflicted. All of these are a result from bottled up emotions. What if these people had an outlet to diffuse their anger before it came to that? We hope that as a result of Ventma.com we can accomplish just that. Even if we help just a few people this way, we will be satisfied.

"The capabilities at Ventma.com are endless. Its features attract anyone from ages 18yrs old & up. Post text or video vents and share them with others, Customized Flash Games, Anonymous Text Messaging, Personalized Profile Themes, Venting Live via a webcam, Custom Shirt Designer, Cheater’s Mug Shot Editor and Cheat Sheet are just a few of the unique features that make Ventma.com a potential monster in the industry" said Breen.

"Ventma.com recently made headline world news when they released a video of a promotional stunt in which they shipped a man overnight from NY to Las Vegas in a crate.” (the footage can be seen here: http://ventma.com/wadelive.php )

ABOUT VENTMA.COM – “Not your typical Social Networking Site”

Ventma.com, a global online community was started by five average individuals that were all looking for the same thing. A centralized place to vent their frustrations in a safe, non-violent manner. at the same time having fun getting even while letting it all out. One of the unique features Ventma.com offers its users is the ability to upload a photo of a person and insert their face into the game.  Then save it to their profile or upload the game to any major social networking site for their friends to play. For more information, please visit: http://www.ventma.com

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