Career counselors warn that soon-to-be college graduates and other job seekers should be extra careful about what they post on the internet during a recession, Reuters reports. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, blogs, and other venues present numerous opportunities to sabotage your hunt for a job or promotion at a time when employers can afford to be picky. "With social media, you can be vapid, boring, and annoying with alarming frequency," Patricia Vaccarino, owner of a Seattle public relations firm, warned clients in a newsletter. Kurt Weyerhauser, an executive recruiter at Kensington Stone in Los Angeles, said one human-resources department "found a picture online of a candidate smoking what appeared to be pot, and in another case a company found a few severely off-color jokes that a candidate had posted dealing with race and gender." He said the blunders can be roadblocks to being hired, regardless of the candidate’s ability to perform the basic functions of the job. Even innocuous postings can cause problems. Weyerhauser cited the example of a single mother raising four children who posts about her day-to-day life, which might convince an employer that she is too tired and overburdened to be considered for a promotion that might require more time and energy…

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