Pearson Introduces Updated Version of Award-Winning NovaNET Online System

Chandler, AZ – August 4, 2009 – Secretary of Education Arne Duncan has called on U.S. educators to improve the nation’s academic standards, turn around underperforming schools, and prepare students for the 21st century workforce. Pearson’s NovaNET online courseware system, which has helped thousands of students turn their lives around and achieve success in language arts, math, science, and social studies, now includes a brand-new, full-year multimedia United States History course aligned to state standards.

Designed for grades 6-12, NovaNET is an all-inclusive system that delivers a return on investment quickly, from delivering thousands of hours of research and standards-based, interactive curriculum, to integrated assessment and student management. Middle school students use NovaNET to prepare for high school while high schoolers can recover credits, build basic skills and prep for the GED or SAT. NovaNET is delivered to students online from secure servers dedicated exclusively to the courseware, offering students and schools maximum flexibility.

The new course contains more than 117 multimedia lessons covering more than 325 objectives. Key course features include:

·         Interactive maps, charts, graphs, and primary source interpretation

·         Hyperlinked text and icons that open windows with interactive timelines

·         "History Makers"  – featuring short biographies of key figures

·         Videos and animations introducing major concepts, people, and events

·         Guided and independent practice

·         Note-taking icons and graphic organizers

·         A Check Your Understanding section directly aligned to lesson objectives

Pearson is currently offering early release to existing customers if they download the new version from its support website, as part of the company’s effort to reduce its carbon footprint. Customers who want to receive a DVD by mail can order one later this month and it will arrive in a paper sleeve with minimal packaging. The new NovaNET course will officially launch in mid-August.

"This new version of NovaNET is the most interactive to date, and extends the program’s proven success to serve a much wider audience of students and teachers," said Bob Roliardi, President, Pearson Digital. "This new course is an example of the transparency of online instruction when matched against its print equivalent. With this new approach schools will use NovaNET to serve a wide variety of personalized leaning needs such as virtual, online courses, alternatives to traditional core, and for credit recovery. 

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