Rivalry between Apple and Palm intensifies

Apple wants its iPhone to be the only cell phone to link effortlessly to its service, but Palm is putting up a fight, reports the New York Times. The Palm Pre has a large touch screen, slide-out keyboard, and fast web browsing. Palm also likes to point out that another selling point is the Pre’s ability to link to iTunes’s music and media store. Trouble is, Apple wants to make sure the iPhone is the only cell phone that can do that. So it changed its software to block the Pre’s access to iTunes. Now Palm is calling foul and is trying to rally the consumer electronics industry to its defense. Palm says that Apple, which allows only its own devices to connect directly with iTunes software, is misusing the standards put in place to foster interoperability between computers and devices using a USB connection. Palm has filed a complaint with the USB Implementers Forum, claiming Apple is restraining trade. Predicting the outcome of this particular filing is tricky, said analyst Mike Abramsky, who explained: "There isn’t much precedent for this case…"

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