55 ways to bring open source into education

While some educators have been quick to grasp the potential and promise of open-source software, many others have been hesitant to stray from the comfort zone of commercial applications. Yet that’s changing, reports LinuxPlanet, which lists 55 open-source applications that are relevant for education. For example, openSIS performs the same tasks as commercial school administration programs (scheduling, grades, report cards, attendance, etc.), while reportedly reducing total cost of ownership up to 75 percent. Other software programs highlighted by LinuxPlanet include Stellarium, which allows you to input coordinates for any point on earth and view the night skies for any particular point in time; Jmol, a Java-based application that lets students create diagrams of atoms, molecules, macromolecules, crystals, and more; and iTALC, a classroom-management software program whose acronym stands for "intelligent teaching and learning with computers…"

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