By this time next year, students at the University of South Carolina should be able to access the internet in every classroom and dorm after AT&T installs high-speed wireless broadband across its campus, reports The State of Columbia, S.C. USC will pay AT&T between $60,000 and $70,000 a month once the wireless service is completely installed, said Jeff Farnham, the school’s deputy chief information officer. Right now, wireless access is available only in certain campus locations. “As mobile as students are, this is going to allow them a lot of flexibility with their academic studies,” said Dan Sisson, an AT&T regional vice president in the Carolinas. Wi-Fi access will be free for students, faculty, and staff. They will use their university ID numbers to log on. USC and AT&T are working to make the wireless service available to campus guests, who would pay a fee on a credit card for temporary access. That plan would work similar to AT&T’s wireless service at Starbucks. USC students, faculty, and staff also would be able to use their campus wireless accounts to access any AT&T wireless hot spot in South Carolina, Sisson said…

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