PARAT Solutions 20-unit iPod charge/sync dock



Contact: Peter Jauss
Parat Solutions announces Made for iPod and Works with iPhone designations for new PARASYNC charge/sync dock
Berwyn, PA July __, 2009 – PARAT Solutions today announced the designation of “Made for iPod” and “Works With iPhone” for their new PARASYNC 20-unit charging and synchronization dock.
The Made for iPod and Works with iPhone logos indicate that the product has been designed specifically to work with iPod and iPhone. PARAT Solutions certifies that the accessory has been made in accordance with the high standards of quality and performance users expect from iPod/iPhone and Apple.
The PARASYNC charges and synchronizes content to 20 devices from one iTunes library. It was specifically designed for users deploying large quantities of devices in schools, universities, museums, training centers and resorts. The durable, attractive and lightweight product makes iPod and iPhone device management a quick and simple process. PARASYNC accommodates current and past generations of iPod Classic, Touch, Nano and iPhone. It is available as a compact table-top dock or integrated in a lockable rolling case.
According to Peter Jauss, Director of Sales, “By eliminating charging cables and using iTunes as a native synchronization application, no other iPod and iPhone charge/sync product is as simple to use as the PARASYNC. We are particularly proud that our dock has the smallest footprint for 20 devices available on the market today.” The value of Apple’s Made for iPod and Works with iPhone designations is underscored by PARAT’s Director of Manufacturing Operations, Adrian Pavitt, “customers have every assurance in knowing that our product meets our own and now also Apple’s very demanding quality and performance standards.”
About PARAT Solutions
PARAT Solutions, an independent U.S. affiliate of PARAT-Werke, develops and manufactures “smart products for mobile computing” which secure, store, transport, protect, charge and synchronize multiple mobile computing devices.
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