InfoSource Learning’s SimpleAssessment is Free Again

OVIEDO, FL – August 3, 2009 – InfoSource Learning is excited to announce that SimpleAssessment for Student Technology Proficiency is free once again for the 2009/2010 school year.

Due to overwhelming demand and support from K-12 districts across the country, the company will continue to offer the ISTE NETS-S based assessment at no cost. With shrinking budgets and increasing demand for schools to report student technology literacy levels, SimpleAssessment is the number once choice by more than 1,200 school districts nationwide.

During SimpleAssessment’s first year in classrooms, more than one million students used the assessment to measure and improve their technology proficiency. According to InfoSource Learning’s CEO, Michael Werner, “We’re back for this school year and more excited than ever. After one full year of use in classrooms, we saw first hand how our free offer helped a million students – and we want to help a million more.”

SimpleAssessment will continue to be offered in two versions (NETS-S 2007 and NETS-S 1998) with options for both PC and Mac schools. The assessment is administered through InfoSource Learning’s Learning Management System (LMS), also included free, making it quick and easy to access results and reporting. The immediate reporting helps schools identify student technology proficiency levels, set curriculum goals, support grant proposals, and meet national, state, or district requirements.

To learn more or to receive the assessment free of charge, contact InfoSource Learning at 1-800-393-4636 or sign up on the website at

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