Educators across Wisconsin are working to make sending high school transcripts to colleges and universities a much simpler process by going electronic, reports the Wisconsin Rapids Daily Tribune. A team of representatives from the University of Wisconsin System, technical colleges, private universities, and the Department of Public Instruction has contracted with Docufide, a vendor that provides software and training for sending transcripts electronically, for the upcoming school year. Electronic applications are quicker, easier, and cheaper for all parties involved. Instead of having to send individual paper copies to every college a student applies to, going online allows for simple forwarding to each school. For the colleges, instead of opening mail and manually entering the information into the database, the software automatically inputs it. Colleges in Wisconsin already have the capability to receive online transcripts, but few, if any, Wisconsin high schools have the ability to send them. The lack of involvement in Wisconsin might be because of cost, and that is where the group believes it can help. The goal is to eliminate any costs for the high schools and students…

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