Pearson Wins Iowa Student Record and Transcript Exchange System Project

SALT LAKE CITY, Utah – July 30, 2009 – Pearson today announced the company has been awarded a contract from the state of Iowa for the Iowa Student Record and Transcript Exchange System project. At the center of the project is the National Transcript Center (NTC) provided by Edustructures, part of Pearson’s Assessment & Information group. Edustructures will oversee project implementation and ongoing support of the NTC solution, and will provide project management oversight for deployment of the web-based education portal provided by Choice Solutions. The Iowa Student Record and Transcript Exchange System project is a collaborative effort among four components of the Iowa education community, including the Iowa Department of Education (DE), Regent institutions, community colleges, and local school districts. The DE will serve as the facilitator of the project working with Edustructures for project delivery.

The Student Record and Transcript Exchange System is an expansion of the state’s Project EASIER (Electronic Access System for Iowa Education Records). The NTC solution—branded as the Iowa Transcript Center (ITC)—will facilitate the flow of student transcripts between Iowa high schools and postsecondary institutions as well as the flow of student records between Iowa school districts, thereby significantly reducing the workload of district administrators. This implementation also includes a permanent electronic transcript repository designed to provide a central location for all final high school transcripts. In addition, the project includes a secure, single sign-on, enterprise-grade web-based portal – branded as the Iowa EdFusion Portal – that can be used by school district personnel, postsecondary institutions and the DE to easily and quickly access transcripts.

The key goals of the project include:

·      Facilitating the ability to analyze and examine longitudinal data at the local, postsecondary, and state level for relationships and patterns that affect student progress and improvement

·      Ensuring portability of student school records by standardizing the data and automating the electronic transfer of student records when students move between  districts within the state of Iowa

·      Reducing the administrative burden for school districts by automating the secure delivery of an estimated 200,000 student transcripts to postsecondary institutions annually

·      Providing a secure, user-friendly, web-based portal that will serve the data accessibility needs of the citizens of Iowa, including parents, students, school districts, and postsecondary institutions

·      Delivering secure data accessibility that will assist the DE in meeting state and federal reporting requirements


“This project is a critical next step in meeting the DE’s objectives for easing the workload of school districts, standardizing education data, and improving data accessibility for all Iowa citizens. Given our objectives, we knew we needed a solutions provider experienced in successfully delivering integrated data solutions for education,” said Jim Addy, Iowa Department of Education. Pearson is uniquely qualified to help us deliver on our vision, providing technology, project management, and partnering with third-party vendor to meet our needs. In particular, NTC offers a very comprehensive solution for exchanging electronic student records, Edustructures has an impressive track-record for successfully delivering on statewide, mission-critical data management solutions, and Choice Solutions provides an enterprise-grade education portal.”


"The Iowa Department of Education—supported by funding from the state legislature—is on the forefront of envisioning and deploying solutions that provide the linkages between data and educational improvement,” said Steve Curtis, president of Edustructures. "We’re pleased to be chosen to deliver a solution that will serve the state’s constituents now and into the future.”


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