MOUSE Squad study charts a mighty success

A Fordham University study has found that New York City’s elementary, middle, and high school students enrolled in a technology support program excel in attendance, academics, and leadership, Fordham reports. The three-year study, conducted within the Graduate School of Education, interviewed students who participate in the MOUSE Squad, a nonprofit program that trains underserved students to function as a technical support team for their schools. MOUSE Squad students are trained to help teachers and students who have computer questions, fix broken computers, update system software, and design efficient use of technology within their school. The acronym stands for Making Opportunities for Upgrading Schools and Education. The study, which interviewed public school faculty and students in all areas of the city, registered a 99-percent positive response for improving problem-solving skills and 91 percent for creating future job opportunities for students. Further highlights of the study show that 87 percent of students felt that being on a MOUSE Squad improved their academic skills, while 92 percent felt it increased their desire to stay in school…

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