Accelerate Learning

“The average test grades of my students increased from 87 percent to 91 percent, thanks to the SMART Sync collaboration activities,” reported Senecia Saveat of Taylor Career Center in Beaumont, Texas. “Although the increase may seem small, for a lot of students that’s the difference between getting an A- rather than a B+.”

Concerned about using technology in the classroom? Intrigued by the capabilities, but wonder if you can administer the tools with ease?

Now you can. With SMART Sync, you can turn all computers on or off with a single mouse click, go wireless, and store all the files created in an organized, easily retrievable way.

Need to demonstrate value from your hardware investment while improving learning outcomes?

Now you can. With SMART Sync and SMART Classroom Suite, you can extend your school’s investment in technology into an integrated set of applications that work together to enhance the learning of key 21st-century skills.

Collaboration brings learning to life

What teacher wouldn’t want to inspire students with high-impact, memorable lessons that bring learning to life? SMART’s award-winning SMART Notebook software application delivers. Teachers can use a single application to create, deliver, and manage interactive lessons that can be used again and again, updated on the fly using student feedback, and shared with students both in the classroom and at home. Now, that’s productivity!

Brad Nikunen, a fourth-grade teacher from Kalispell, Mont., says, “So much has been added to SMART Notebook software [version] 10. … The new interface is clean and easy to navigate, and the Welcome Center is a big highlight for teachers, because it puts everything in one convenient location.” [Source: “More Time to Learn” special report, December 2008, SMART Technologies]

Whether starting from scratch or tapping into SMART’s lesson activities, with SMART Notebook  teachers can create meaningful classroom experiences that inspire high-energy students while producing desired learning outcomes. Use video, audio, images, and Flash animation to create lessons that move as quickly as the students do.

Ashley Brown, a third-grade teacher at Westwood Elementary in West Jefferson, N.C., says she values the quick, engaging lessons because “when you’re competing with video games, you have a 10- to 15-minute window to grasp their attention!”

The real ingenuity behind SMART Notebook software is its fully integrated system of content, tools, resources, and support. SMART offers relevant, appropriate, and interactive content that can be used by teachers of every experience level to meld technology into their teaching.

Thousands of SMART Lesson Activities are available for a variety of grade levels and subjects, such as math, science, language arts, and social studies. The “Structure of a Leaf” lesson shown above was designed for science classes in grades 10-12.

The Lesson Activity Toolkit feature allows teachers to use their own creativity to develop lessons that are professional, pack a punch for students, and comply with applicable curriculum standards. The Toolkit offers Adobe Flash tools such as hide-and-reveal and drag-and-drop, bringing lessons to life for students and teachers alike. Crossword puzzles, word games, and quizzes are but a few examples of the compelling lessons teachers can create on their own.

Kathleen Nicholson, a fourth-grade teacher at Amherst Elementary School in Amherst, Wis., says SMART Notebook “levels the playing field for students. Technology connects students, promoting cooperation and teamwork while building confidence.” She adds, “Problem-solving skills have definitely improved.”

Other available content includes Essentials for Educators, a collection of more than 6,000 learning objects that can be retrieved from the Gallery and inserted into lessons to captivate students as they learn. In addition, the SMART Learning Marketplace offers more than a million highly professional digital resources that are historically correct, copyright cleared, and safe for use with students, and the SMART Exchange offers a network of other educators and SMART experts to share lessons, discover best practices, and trade helpful tips.

One cannot overlook the tremendous following of the SMART Board interactive whiteboard, which is powered by SMART Notebook intelligence. SMART Boards command a 70-percent market share, so teachers are quick to shower praise on this teaching and learning tool.

Nicholson raves about the SMART Notebook software: “It’s the most fantastic thing that’s ever happened in my 32 years [of teaching].”

Sherri Fricker, a third-grade teacher at Fort Saskatchewan Elementary School in Edmonton, Alberta, was amazed when a student who was unable to speak or use sign language started to participate and communicate using a SMART Board.

SMART Boards, while not required, integrate smoothly with the SMART Classroom Suite for an added dimension of collaborative learning, giving variety or clarity to a topic best shared in a whole-class environment.

21st-century students get engaged

SMART’s Notebook SE (Student Edition) is the first educational software application designed to help today’s students personalize, create, organize, and access content to make their learning experience more interactive and their learning outcomes more meaningful.

Students need flexibility and comfort while being challenged to learn and grow. SMART Notebook SE thrives in technology-rich classrooms, letting 21st-century learners create their own multimedia material and use it to complete assignments, prepare class presentations, and study for exams.

“I … used this software for group projects. We easily eMailed the file back and forth and edited our part. We were assigned to create a mall-shopping game to work math problems—[for instance,] a shirt is on sale for $10. It is 50 percent off. What is the sale price?” explains Grant Byrum, a student from Gregg Middle School in Summerville, S.C.

Nicholson says she likes that “all work is saved on the laptop or on each student’s flash drive, so there aren’t problems with ‘I can’t find it.'”

SMART Notebook SE is designed for the generation that depends on social networking, texting friends, and being “connected” at all times. Students can personalize their learning with MyHome, which lets them use their own images, photos, and information to create documents.

With SMART Notebook SE, Nicholson says, the students are “really connected” because they immediately set up their own home page.

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