Blogging in a Secure Educational Environment Introduced by InfoSource Learning

OVIEDO, FL – July 27, 2009 – InfoSource Learning is excited to announce the release of a new, safe, educational blogging environment for teachers, students, and school administrators.  Blogs are now featured in InfoSource Learning’s secure Learning Management System (LMS), allowing school districts to build and develop a stronger community and enhance both student learning and teacher and staff development.   

Administrators will also have the opportunity to quickly communicate information students, teachers, and the community.  Students, teachers, and staff will have the opportunity to create their own blogs to work together, share, and learn from each other.  Schools may also choose to share their blogs with parents, the community, or other classrooms around the world.

“Blogging is a great way to encourage participation, collaboration, and interaction in schools. We recognize and embrace the importance of this and are excited to be bringing this valuable web tool to schools through a secure portal,” said InfoSource Learning’s CEO, Michael Werner.

For more information about InfoSource Learning’s secure blogging feature, visit or call 1-800-393-4636 and ask to speak with the account manager for your state.


About InfoSource Learning: For over 25 years, InfoSource Learning has been a leader of custom personalized training solutions for the education, corporate, and government training segments. With engaging, web-based training, the company’s “How to Master” content-rich portfolio of training products is comprised of elements including; PC and Mac applications, professional development skills, soft skills, compliance, and technology integration. In addition to its focus on providing tools for calculating return on investment (ROI), InfoSource Learning also develops and maintains a unique Content Authoring Tool (CAT) and Learning Management System (LMS). To learn more about custom personalized training solutions from InfoSource Learning, call 800-393-3436 or visit


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