Training the workforce of tomorrow

With constantly changing technology and increased customer expectations, having a skilled, well trained and competent workforce is critical for

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to stay ahead of its competitors.

Congratulations to our newest member of staff, Amelia, on her recent academic achievements which include:

•Clait Plus Unit 1 Integrated e-document production – using MS Word

•Clait Plus Unit 2 Manipulating spreadsheets and graphs – using MS Excel

•Clait Plus Unit 4 e-Publication design – using MS Publisher

•Clait Plus Unit 5 Design an e-presentation – using MS PowerPoint

•Clait Plus Unit 8 Electronic communication – using MS Outlook

A combined OCR Level 2 Certificate for IT Users (Clait Plus) & OCR Level 2 Diploma for IT Users (Clait Plus)“Amelia was always hardworking, conscientious and produced excellent work, her attention to detail was outstanding as was her timekeeping. Amelia was polite, friendly and interacted well with students and staff alike. A real star pupil” remarked her teacher.

We would like to thank them and Amelia for successfully completing a Business Administration level 2 qualification and also Clait Plus.

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