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The elite dating service website, which offers affluent men and beautiful women the opportunity to meet and socialize online, is now offering two new features that will enhance this unique dating community even more. is rolling out customized IM and chatroom features that now allow members to hear and see each other online.

The SugarBaby4U customized Instant Messenger application now offers members the ability to not only text chat with one another, but it also has integrated audio and video capability so that a sugar baby and a sugar daddy can talk one-on-one just as they would in real life. This feature lets members cut down on wasted dating time by talking with potential dates before meeting up so that they can test whether or not there’s a spark there.

For members who are a bit shy but still want to see and hear other members, SugarBaby4U also now offers a community chat room with integrated audio and video as well. Now, users can enter a chatroom just like they would enter a lounge or club, and simply socialize with other community members in a fun and comfortable environment. Members can really step up and show off their personality for everyone to see, or they can sit back and watch – all from the comfort of home.

“I’ve seen people try other sugar-daddy websites and get frustrated because it’s so hard to know whether you’ll hit it off with the person you’re texting once you meet,” said D.L. Golan, co-founder of

“With the new audio and video features on the IM and chatroom, people feel like they’re standing in front of the person talking. You’ll know that you share a connection with the person long before you get together – it’s a powerful addition to the site and we’re proud to be the first and only sugar-daddy dating site that offers it.”

Dating website customers often complain about how hard it is to meet a decent date (or potential partner) on dating sites. Since its inception, SugarBaby4U has been serving the unique dating niche of affluent men and beautiful women known as “sugar daddies” and “sugar babies.” The site offers members a freedom to enjoy a lifestyle that works for them in a safe and comfortable environment, where other members are seeking out the same sort of dating relationship. The site has been wildly successful and the membership of single wealthy men and stunningly beautiful women continues to grow.

These new SugarBaby4U features are still available free of charge to all members once they sign up, and they can start using the chat room and IM tools immediately. The website offers a simple sign up form and easy profile screens to provide the community with characteristics and interests, and the search feature immediately turns up long listings of surprisingly beautiful women, or the many affluent men who would like to pamper them.
D.L. Golan, Co-founder
SugarBaby4U, Inc

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